Signals by Win Rate

Having an estimated win rate percentage next to each signal is another unique feature of our service. This information can assist our clients to shape their own trading approach and manage the risk and profitability margins.

Win rate estimate is derived from performance of each signal based on theĀ 2,5 years of historical data. There are many different factors that affect the signal win rate potential and for highest accuracy we have taken all the factors which are then added and averaged for each signal.

Because the market slightly changes over time, we also re-adjust the levels every 6 months. This is a time consuming and accurate process, but it needs to be done in order to ensure as accurate predictability as possible.

There are 5 win rate levels, each defined by win rate probability score. These are the following:

  • Level 1 – above 80% historical win rate
  • Level 2 – 75% – 80% historical win rate
  • Level 3 – 70% – 75% historical win rate
  • Level 4 – 65% – 70% historical win rate
  • Level 5 – 60% – 65% historical win rate

Based on historical performance, you can expect the following percentage of each level of signals: