No Trade Size Limits: Advantages and Disadvantages

Robots PriceHaving no trade size limit is definitely a big advantage of a signals service over an automated trading system (robot). Especially for traders who trade a bit bigger size.

As a part of our trading products, we also offer a trading robot to a limited number of traders (our automated service is full, so we don’t accept new traders). With our robot the monthly subscription prices depend on the clients per-trade investment size. The more they¬†invest into each trade, the bigger the potential profit – but also the bigger the price of a subscription. For our automated trading service we charge 20% of our clients average monthly profit. Other autotrading services (robots), at least the real ones, also use the same model – or they simply limit the trade size. Of course, it is convenient to use an autotrading service, because there is no need for user interaction – and this can often overweight the price factor. However good trading robots are very hard to find.

With signals, the model is different.

Signals PriceBecause you trade manually, we can not control or limit the size of your trades. You can invest $20 into each trade, or you can invest $2000. The choice is yours. But the price of our service is the same for all. While this can be a bit inconvenient for traders who trade really small size (for example $5 per trade), as subscription price will be higher as their profit, it is on the other hand a very inexpensive service for traders who trade any size above $50 per trade, for example. Such approach, with minimum risk taking and placing only a few trades per week, can bring around $600 profit per month. Our service cost is $80 bi-weekly, so still plenty of profit is left to the trader. So this is unfortunately not a service for traders who start trading with less than $25 per-trade, for example. The main point here is to allow you to make decent profit, even when the subscription cost is covered.



As much as we would like to, unfortunately we can not set the price according to the traders investment capacity. Since you place the trades manually, we have no insight in your trade size or profit. Therefore our price is equal for all and it is set at the competitive level, offered by other subscription based signals services. You can definitely try it out with smaller investment and see how it goes. At the point when you trade small size, $5 or $10 per-trade, the price of the service might seem high. But it is important that you are making profit. If you make profit on small scale, you will make it on a bigger scale. When you are profitable with trade size of $100 per-trade, the price of the service will be nothing compared to the profit you make.